Electric Sign Letters.


The various types of illuminated letters are sometimes confusing

to clients but are easy to understand based on individual needs.

PLASTIC FACE LED CHANNEL LETTERS are the most common as they are available in many color combinations and styles,  they are front lit only but can be designed to glow from behind using spacers and a second color of light from behind, for best contrast.


REVERSE CHANNEL LETTERS are welded aluminum letters which are painted to match any color imaginable.   They are installed using spacers behind the letters for the desired halo effect.


OPEN FACE NEON CHANNEL LETTERS are for the client looking for a little more bang for their buck, where allowed.


In-house Custom Neon fabrication.
Other Sign Types

ROADSIDE SIGNS such as Monument Signs, Pole Signs and Pylon Signs are used to get attention from vehicular traffic.  They are key to allowing  your business a  presence as close to the road as possible. Larger faces are made from a flex face material, smaller cabinets or tenant panels use flat face or pan face polycarbonate.   

PLATE LETTERS, ROUTED or PLASTIC FORMED LETTERS are Non- Illuminated and stud-mounted to interior or exterior surfaces.


VINYL LETTERING for windows, faces, boats and vehicles is

available in many colors shapes and sizes.  Let us design the

lettering you need for best visibility and effect.  



The measured excitement of tastefully designed and neatly installed neon signs.


 Yes it is no longer used to light up channel letters with plastic faces because a more efficient and easily assembled form of illumination has been found in 12 volt LED's. 


Once...not long ago,  neon in America symbolized progress,  vitality and urban excitement and energy. Using the night as its canvas, artists, architects, business owners and interior designrs were begining to discover the exciting possibilities.


By virtue of its flexible luminosity, neon tubing can produce effects beyond the 

capacity of other light sources.  It can create startling silhouettes of shapes or 

letters in a broad range of color combinations, while being an efficient consumer 

of electricity.   The life of neon tubes is measured in decades.